the end of the road

The end of the road

I ride up the west coast of Florida, and head towards Louisiana, I know I’m in the south I pass multiple vehicles made into monster trucks and of course the famous Piggly Wiggly

My GPS shows its final checkered flag of the trip, I roll into the house and the speedo clicks over to exactly 50,000 miles…so that’s 37,796 miles and i end up hitting 14 countries, 30 states and 11 provinces, a little different than planned but its all good!!!

My final route looks like this…it got as little nuts in the southwest, but based on this I am in the process of putting a Adventure Touring Company together click the link below to see it, first adventure starts in 2013 unless I get a good response I will start it late summer 2012

I ride down a few new local roads to me, by the new and old bridges that go to Morgan City, if it looks familiar it’s the bridge Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper rode over in the movie Easyrider, and then down the road where it all ended for them and it ends for me…gladly not in the same way


aug 9

Left Miami early in the morning in the dark , I wanted to get out before traffic started and get to Key West early before the heat and rain kicked in, main purpose for the ride there was to check off the southern most point of the USA, then get out of there. I used to work a job that took me to Key West a lot years ago so I have done the typical tourist things…

Bought myself the Key West sticker for the bags, I thought this one was ironic, Key West is basically the end of the cool stuff before I get home to real life, it seems weird saying the end of the trip, well this part anyway, there will be more

Next was the boring ride across the everglades, more boring for some than others, looks like enough to out the driver of this truck to sleep, hopefully not permanently.

…and again like clockwork, rain between 3 and 4 pm

I stop for cover under an abandoned gator park, where you could let your little kid hug a gator for $5, wonder if they went under ‘cause of the increasing cost of liability insurance?



aug 8

Aug 8


In and out of storms all day long, kept catching the tail end of hurricane Emily, fromPalm Beachdown toSouthBeach…one thing its warm rain I guess!!!


aug 7

Aug 7

IntoFlorida, giant alligators and a shut down NASA, gates closed and abandoned space shuttles left rotting, minimal security, so I got close to a few rockets and areas that were formally off limits.

At around 3.15pm the sky got dark and the rain was imminent, a guy rode by me using a KLR to carry his surf board, chased him down and got directions for a place to stay… 

aug 6

Aug 6


Thru Georgia I picked a route just based off the map, nothing in particular, but what I found was flat land and lots of abandoned houses…it was kind of sad, towns that at one time must have been beautiful were now run down and in need of major repair.


…and once again between 3 and 4 pm the rain came down, forgot about that, lived in FL years ago and in the summer its almost a daily appearance

aug 5

Aug 5


Spent a couple of days at the Ironhorse Campground at a Horizons Unlimited meeting and then moved south towardsGeorgia


Took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up on a road called Joe Brown highway, it was around 25 miles of dirt then 40 miles of paved twisties on pavement


Then get stung by another bee in my neck, not more than two hours later I get stung again in the exact same spot!!!


I crisscross state lines, I’m back in SC and get rousted by the cops and have to unload the bike and all my luggage for no reason, they don’t give me a ticket or a warning just tell me that the town I am in is not safe for me and get out of it ASAP, and if possible get out of the county…next I get dumped on for hours so I end up soaking wet in a dive hotel in GA, needless to say not the best day


aug 3

Aug 3


Spend the day riding on theBlue Ridge Parkwayand end up atBlue Ridgemotorcycle campground, great place and the road to it even though it was about 3 miles was better than the parkway!!!


Rode Deals Gap, Tail of the Dragon very cool road, it was empty in my direction, heading the other way it was like rush hour traffic